Chances are the device you are looking at right now is your own. Probably you bought it with your own money. You worked for it and maybe you impatiently refreshed the delivery status of the parcel it was shipped in because you were so excited about finally holding it in your hands.

Maybe when it arrived that was it for you.

But then again, you might started to feel just a little unstatisfied with your laptop, desktop or phone. Because you realized that you don’t truly own it. Its CPU, its RAM, its harddrive, itrs hardware you do. But not its software. You just can’t shake the feeling of a ticking clock that the windows license gives you. Or you’re annoyed by the pampering of macOS, telling you from where you can get your apps and from where you can’t.

You started googling and eventually came accross this thing called „free software“. Programms and projects which are „open source“. They might be free of charge but also freely accesible. You can download and use things as Linux or BSD without having to pay or – more importantly – worry about licenses.

Curiosity quickly grew and you decided to give this open source thing a try. You learned about the Free Software Foundation, the GNU project, Linux and open source in general.

If you find yourself in these words just a little bit, you’re in the right place. On this page I will loosely blog about my past and present experiences, try to give some advice about the world of FLOSS and annoy experts with my unprofessional way of doing things.

Free as in Freedom


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